Moens Klint

Møns Klint – A Beautiful Piece of Nature

Møns Klint  is a chalk wall facing straight up to the ocean. It is a beautiful piece of nature that anyone who likes the outdoors will appreciate.It stretches for 7 kilometers and is facing the Baltic Sea. It provides stunning views of the nature and lot of activities for the whole family.

Moens Klint

Møn is a small island in the eastern part of Denmark and consists of woodlands, pastures, ponds and steep hills (steep compared to other placed in Denmark, as Denmark is rather flat). Møns Klint is a nature reserve and gets more than half a million visitors a year.

You can hike or bike to the top from the parking lot and there is no entry fee. To reach the top for the hikers you will have to walk on a trail that includes staircases. There are a total of 497 steps of staircase from the top to the bottom, so you will get your heart pumping doing this trail. There are a few benches along the way so you can rest, and the beautiful nature makes it all worth it.

Moens Klint Staircase

After you have made it to the top, you will of course have to go down to the ocean and check out the view from below. When walking on the beach you might want to take a look in the sand where it is possible to find amber and fossils from old sea life that the ocean has washed in. You will find fossils almost all over the beach and a lot of them are over 65 million years old. Kids love to spend time looking for fossils while mom and dad sit on the beach and enjoying the nature.

A GeoCenter is located near the cliff where you can learn more about the fossils you have found. Here you can see what is most commonly found.

Møns Klint Fossils


Going to visit Møns Klint should be on your to do list when visiting Denmark. Besides going for the hike to the top of the cliff, you can go camping, horseback riding, fishing and rent a little cottage to stay in while you visit this beautiful part of Denmark.

So set aside 1 day and drive to Møn where there will be plenty of activities for both the children and the adults.

Møns Klint

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