Grenen Denmark

Grenen Denmark – The place where oceans collide.Grenen Denmark


If you travel to the most northern point of Jutland, the last city you will run into is Skagen. Skagen is mostly known in the US for being a brand you will see on fancy watches, a subject I will write more about in future posts. If you continue north past Skagen you will be heading to the beaches and oceans surrounding Jutland. The place is called Grenen and offer one of the more unique features that mother earth has to offer.


To the west of Jutland we have the North Sea and to the east of Jutland, we have the Baltic Ocean. These two oceans have two different densities which mean that they do not just mix into each other where they meet, but rather creates a remarkable line in the ocean and the sandbars below the surface.

Two Oceans Collide

Grenen is one of the bigger tourist attractions in Denmark, bringing painters, photographers, tourists and regular beach goers together. The area surrounding Grenen is the place with the greatest amount of observed bird species, in all of Denmark. It is regarded as the best spot in Northern Europe, for observing birds of prey, during their migrations in spring.

Birds of Prey

Grenen is also considered as one of the best places in Denmark to observe sea mammals. Porpoises and common seals are very common here and grey seals can often be spotted here year round as well. As the area attracts many birdwatchers with binoculars, Grenen has also offered many sightings of whales. The species most often reported are dolphins northern minke whale and orcas. I have to admit that I still haven’t seen any of these mammals on my trips to Grenen, but if you have the time and the interest, you could be lucky to spot these creatures.

Grenen is definitely a place you need to have on your list of things to see when visiting Denmark. If you visit in the spring or fall you should bring a jacket/windbreaker because it does get windy out there quite often.

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

Grenen Denmark

Grenen Denmark

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